Dudley’s Trees Inc.

Landscaping as a long-term investment

At Dudley’s Trees Inc., we believe your trees and landscape are the most important long term investments you will make in both the value of your property and your quality of life. Whether you are building a new home or changing an existing landscape, there are many choices to make. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you make the right decisions at all stages of development: from planning and design to installation and long-term plant health care.

Our goal is to help your investment grow from the ground up.

Certified Arborists in the Flathead Valley

Great landscaping doesn’t just enhance the look of your home; it makes the outdoor areas around your home more enjoyable. Dudley’s Trees Inc. has been providing expert arboricultural services and landscaping design for over 30 years, and can help you with the selection, care and maintenance of the plant life near your home. Whether it is a design with new construction, or your current landscaping needs rehabilitation, we can provide you with solutions that are both sustainable and complimentary to your home. Contact Dudley’s Trees Inc. today!


From the Ground Up

Residents of the Flathead Valley are blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  When your big back yard is so incredible, why should you invest in your own back yard? Besides the obvious pleasures of enjoying a wide range of nature’s colors, textures and scents right outside your window or door, a landscape with strategically selected and placed trees has long-ranging economic and environmental benefits. Why should you make an investment in your landscape?  Read More >